• Die Vielfalt der Nichtreligiosität (Paper)
    Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag
    Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg
  • Die Rationalisten in Indien: Ein Fallbeispiel zu Vielfallt der Nicht-Religiosität (Paper)
    Colloquium zu laufenden Forschungsarbeiten
    (Leitung: Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Kohl)
    Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt a. M.,


  • What is ‚Non-Religion‘? Conceptual Considerations (Paper)
    International Conference: Nonreligion and the Secular: New Horizons for Multidisciplinary Research
    Goldsmiths University, London,
    4-6 July 2012
  • Asymmetries and structural blindness between psychiatric and religious mental health care (Paper)
    International Conference: Mind and Body in European and Indian Medicine
    Heidelberg Universitiy,
    26-28 June 2012
  • Good & Bad Religion: Indian Psychiatrists and Patients Perspectives on Religion and Mental Health Care (Paper)
    International Conference on Religion,
  • Healing and Psychiatry (Paper)
    University of Münster,
    22-25 February 2012
  • Patients’ and Caregivers’ Perspectives on Psychiatric and Religious Expertise in India (Paper)
    Culture & Mental Health Research Unit Meeting
    McGill University,
    01 February 2012


  • Rationalism in India: An Overview (Paper)
    Institutskolloquium: Anthropology
    (Prof. Tanya Luhrmann)
    Standford University,
    28 November 2011
  • Pragmatic Religiosity: Questioning the Role of Religion in Mental Health Care (Paper)
    International Conference: American Association of Religion (AAR) Annual Meeting
    San Francisco,
    19-22 November 2011
  • Possession and Healing (Chair)
    International Conference: Rituals of Possession: Dissociation as Therapy
    Heidelberg University,
    04-05 November 2011
  • Non-Religiosity, Identity and Ritual (Chair, Panel with Dr. Rebecca Aechtner, University of Edinburgh)
  • Secular Marriages in India (Paper)
    International Conference: 10th EASR Conference: New Movements in Religions
    University of Budapest,
    18-22 September 2011
  • Religionswissenschaft & Neutralität
    (Chair, Panel with Dr. Jens Kugele, LMU)
  • Religionswissenschaft zwischen Theologie und Religionskritik (Paper)
    Conference: Jahrestagung der Deutschen Vereinigung für Religionswissenschaft
    Heidelberg University,
    14-17 September 2011
  • Mental health and psychiatry (Chair/Discussant, Panel with Nina Grube, University of Münster)
    International Conference: 2nd Annual Conference: EASA-MAYS
    University of Warsaw, 13-14 June 2011
  • Atheismus in der indischen Religionsgeschichte (Paper)
    Studientag der Basler Religionswissenschaft
    University of Basel, 20 May 2011
  • Einführung in die Ritualtheorie (Paper)
    Seminar: „Systemische Beratung “
    Tübingen University, 13 January 2011


  • Transplanting Systems: Problems of ‘Western’ Psychiatry in Rural India (Paper)
    International Conference: Intercultural aspects of mental disorders
    Heidelberg University, 11-13 December 2010
  • Asymmetrical Translations: Clinical Encounters between Religion and Psychiatry in India (Paper)
    International Conference: XXth IAHR World Congress
    University of Toronto,
    15-21 August 2010


  • Non-religion and Community (Chair)
    International Conference: „Non-Religion and Secularity: New Empirical Perspectives“
    Wolfson College, Oxford,
    11 December 2009
  • Disenchanting India: Indische Religionskritik in Geschichte und Gegenwart (Paper)
    Religionswissenschaftliches Kolloquium
    University of Bayreuth,
    02 December 2009
  • Die Entzauberung Indiens: Rationalistische Religionskritik in Maharashtra (Paper)
    Conference: „Jahrestagung der Deutschen Vereinigung für Religionswissenschaft“
    (Chair, Panel with Ulf Plesentin and Thomas Zenk, FU Berlin)
    Center for Religious Studies, Ruhr University Bochum,
    20-24 September 2009
  • Modes of Unbelief: Eine Ethnographie der Gesellschaft zur Ausrottung von Aberglauben (Paper)
    Religionswissenschaftliches Kolloquium
    Freie Universität Berlin,
    02 July 2009
  • Religious and Scientific Perspectives on Mental Health (Paper)
    Conference Organisation (with Prof. William Sax)
    International Conference: „Asymmetrical Translations: Mind and Body in Western Medicine“
    Cluster of Excellence „Asia and Europe in a Global Context“ Heidelberg University
    18-20 June 2009
  • Alles ein Diskurs?: Probleme einer Diskursanalyse der indischen Rationalisten (Paper)
    Religionswissenschaftliches Kolloquium
    LM University of Munich,
    13 May 2009
  • How ‘Possession’ Gets Legally Contested: The ‘Anti-Superstition Bill’ of Maharashtra (Paper)
    International Conference: „Law of Possession“
    Cluster of Excellence „Religion and Politics“, Münster
    1-3 May 2009
  • Nanda vs. Nandy: Über die Komplexitäten sich überlappender Diskurse (Paper)
    Conference: „Religionswissenschaft und Post-Kolonialismus“
    DVRW-AK Theorie und Methodologie (AKTUM), Mainz,
    24-25 April 2009


  • Is to ignore to deny? Säkularisierung in Indien und Neutralität in der Religionswissenschaft (Paper)
    Annual Conference: Konflikt und Kohäsion: Religion, Politik, Gesellschaft
    Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Religionswissenschaft,
    Luzern, 18-19 October 2008
  • One Game vs. Two Lobes of the Brain: Rationalists and Scientists on Ritual and Science (Paper)
    International Conference: Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual – SFB 619 „Ritualdynamik“ of the Heidelberg University,
    29 Sept.-2 October 2008
  • Quack or ‘Quack’? On Anthropology, Medical Agnosticism, Rationalists and Truth (Paper)
    International Conference: Faults and Flaws: Therapeutic Practices Against the Norm in South Asia
    French Institute of Pondicherry / Indien,
    7-9 March 2008
  • Traditional vs. Modern Mental Health Care: The Post-Erwadi Debates (Paper)
    International Conference: The Health Transition in India: Public Health, Governance and the Market
    Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata / India,
    19-21 February 2008


  • Ritual, Sense and the Senses (Paper)
    Conference Organisation (with Dr. Jan Weinhold and Prof. William Sax)
    International Conference: Annual Meeting SFB 619 „Ritualdynamik“ Heidelberg University,
    7-9 June 2007